Rockin’ at two weeks


Some say I have too much time in my hands (being on maternity leave).

Others say I’m taking advantage that Max can’t speak up yet.

A few say that I’m gathering all these to show on Max’s wedding day.

My sister says it’s my way of manifesting my post partum.

My mom says its pure madness.

All I can say is, I can’t get enough of taking photos of this little creature! So, enjoy our little angel’s journey through his weeks in different diy costumes. 😬

In making this first diy photoshoot, I amde sure that he just woke up and was fully comfortable. Props used are:

  • Dad’s guitar
  • Mattress as the backdrop/studio
  • Dad’s belt as the mic stand
  • Bottle as the mic
  • Phone charger cable as the mic wire
  • And a blanket used as the stage

This tshirt was sooo big on him that I can probably fit two of him in it!


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