Random thoughts on a Monday



Who ever said that being a bum is the best job in the world ought to be slapped a thousand times. Only 11 days and already my entire body is seriously clamouring for some work to be done. I feel as if in a few more days of listlessness my brain cells would eventually reach a melting point. Yeah, true that we wish to be free from work pressure while we are employed, but that wish, I learned, should never be taken seriously longer than just that exact moment. Can’t wait for this torture to end and the new torture to begin.

Candy Crush Crushes.

Please. Please. Please. The last thing this game app needs to be is a platform for flirting. When someone gives you a life or even invites you to play the game, it is never tantamount to inviting you for a date, or should not be misconstrued as flirting.

Please control your hormones.



Make it work!

As Tim Gunn of Project Runway would always say, “make it work!”

I’ll try – no, scratch that – I’ll make this day productive, as woozy as I may feel. Soon as I get my ass up, I’ll run to the clinic to get medicines, go to the remittance center to get my money, then maybe color my hair, then go home and finish writing my $500-gig. As my boss would always say, “Make things done, get things happen.”

Let’s do this.


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