And I saw the sign…


Nope, I don’t do karaokes. Unless you’d like to go deaf for the rest of your life. Let me explain the title.

As of writing, I am still jobless and still waiting – courting, even – for my love job to get back to me. Seeing as I am at the crossroads of my life, I made a deal with the gods above – Roman,Greek, Catholic, Indian, Chinese, etc – to give me a sign whether I should wait or move on. This was on a Thursday. I didn’t see the sign during that day which, mind you, was too specific the probability is very unfavourable to me. This was to see our store’s bus on the street. Currently, we have only two buses all throughout Singapore going on specific roads at different timings with which I don’t have access – at least the timings and where it’s currently at. Well, there are about at least 10 buses of the same bus number (please refer to Singapore bus routes for more understanding). And oh, there are about 17,046 buses in Singapore as of 2011, so the chances are really, really, really low…

I opened my Facebook and saw one of my managers post the photo of the bus and asked myself, is this the sign I have been waiting for? After a few more hours of wandering into the city running little errands, I opened my Facebook and saw another manager post another photo of our bus. Picture this – I’m desperate, very stressed, and very willing to believe that this is the sign I have been waiting for. But then, since this is just, maybe, an alternative, an indirect way of convincing me, I asked for an extension. Just one final day to see if this will happen or not.

Nope, this is definitely not what I meant by “I saw the sign.”

WP_000306Friday. I left home at around 3:30pm and had to rush somewhere near my previous office to meet with one of my bosses based from another country. Catch up and you know, give me my present from New York. Yay!

By the time we finished, it was already 5:00pm and I had to rush to my boyfriend’s office before 5:30pm, I forgot all about the sign. It was already a short time to try to look for it, and where I’m going to is not part of the route. Well, I know about the area the buses go to since I recommended it. So probably the photo in Facebook is all the sign I’m looking for. Sometimes, we just have to be contented with what we have.

Suddenly, while talking to my Mom on an overseas call, I saw a bus design that I have stared at countless times during the time we were getting it approved.

I saw the sign!

I tell you, I felt as if I won the lottery during that time. I know that the manifestation of my sign is by no means any indication of what’s to happen or that it can be a scientific hullabaloo for the things to come, but hey, surely someone up there is listening to me. Or maybe just playing pranks and laughing at my expense. But anyway, this made me happy. And optimistic. Whether it does or does not merit any truth, I’ll definitely write about it. But as of now, this placebo is enough to get me going.

In the meantime, join me in badgering the gods above to answer my prayers. 


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