Vacation that took one year and one month in the making


Seriously? It has been that long since I last wrote my blog?

I must make up for it then, what with an exciting trip up ahead . Oh, before I continue, Happy All Saints’ Day!

Moving on.

Got my round trip ticket to and from Singapore.

Got all seven of us round trip tickets to and from Cebu. Tis will be the first time Mom and my siblings will be riding an airplane, and all of us (except Dad) will be going outside Luzon. Yey! Thank God for promo fares.

Got a reservation for a hotel room that can fit us all, what with my big-boned brothers needing much room. Where to get the payment, though, is to follow. Haha.

Got a list of top places to visit in Cebu, plus the slippers to roam around with.

Rent a car. This would be great: fresh wind slapping your face and blowing your hair, going places, being your own master behind the wheels, the sheer ultimate pleasure of a joy ride, and the list goes on. Oh, I forgot the most important feature of all – it’s expensive. I’m assuming I have to get a van for our basketball team of a family.

Visit the tarsiers and the famous Chocolate Hills in Bohol. It’s an hour and a half away by ferry from Cebu and if my preference would be to make the most out of this vacation since Christmas would be sadly spent away from my family. Decisions on making the booking and if we should stay overnight have to be made – A.S.A.P.!

They say good things come to those who wait. I am waiting alright, and all I can say is that it is definitely bittersweet. Just 26 more days. 


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