Scoring Goals for the Long Term: Goal 1 = 0.5 pts


Don’t for one second think that any pain can stop me from my favorite sport: eating. So, I went yesterday to visit my second least favorite place in the world, the dental clinic, to put an end to the pain inflicted by being too much of a sweet tooth.

For the life of me I was really scared, not only of the dentist, but also of the price. Wishing I could have changed things, such as swapping teeth with Donny Osmond so I don’t have to go through this, I hesitantly reclined in the gadget-studded chair and accepted the fact that probably, Donny Osmond always goes to the dentist so I wouldn’t prefer that either.

I blurted out my plea for a soft, smooth, and swift execution with as minimal pain as possible with the guy in white. He was speaking in Singlish and I wasn’t able to make much out of it, what with deafness compounded by the heavy beating of my heart. A bit of inspection and tinkering, and out comes the big syringe injected twice on my gums to numb me.

Later the dentist went to the back with the assistant, stayed there for about 15 minutes doing something I’m not interested to probe further – it can either be preparing slaughtering materials or whatnots. I would have preferred the whatnots anytime. As minutes trickled by, I can slowly feel my head tilting to one side, my cheeks are puffing and gums swelling.

And then we were ready.

One girl held my head on both sides. I thought the dentist was just poking inside my mouth to see if the anesthesia worked already and was surprised that there was a left right left right swaying inside my teeth. Three minutes into dancing and off the big molar went – bloody and all. It was that fast. Good.

Afterwards, my whole body was literally shaking. My money also went as fast as my tooth went, and now there is a vacant space in my gums, as well as in my wallet.

Blue hair, you’re next. As of now, I just comfort myself by buying a big bar of Nestle Cruch and A Scent by Issey Miyake perfume I have been crushing on since I went to Orchard a few afternoons back.

GOAL #1: Blue hair and a visit to my 2nd most dreaded four-cornered room – the dentist.

Deadline: 04th July, 2010 (weekend after the salary haha!)

I have been wanting to ice up my hair in the cool shade of blue. Not totally, mind you. Dress to express, not to impress, as the saying goes.

Hospital and dental fees are way to expensive here in Singapore as compared to the Philippines, which (strongly stressed) do not necessarily  mean that the former outweighs the latter in terms of service (definitely not), safety, and quality. Everything in Singapore is expensive, even a single token’s worth at Timezone is expensive. Promising myself to take care of my biters, I’ll schedule a visit in the next two weeks.


GOAL #1: Blue hair and a visit to my 2nd most dreaded four-cornered room – the dentist. Check for the latter! 06.07.10. Blue hair to come!

GOAL #2: Learn, learn, learn!

GOAL #3: Back to writing!


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  1. Fear of the Dentist is just about the only reason I continue to brush my teeth. The appearance of my teeth comes second. I have a lot of bad memories of the Dentist, and that’s not including the Orthodontist visits for the three years of hell when I had braces.

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