Self Pep Talk and Finding a Hero


From nonsense and mundane tasks to expressions of love and greetings, Facebook has become the ultimate spy-cum-encyclopedia-cum-site, that has cyber-ly bridged communication between long-(and short-)distanced connections.

Jumbled amid the various messages and updates in this social networking site are quotes from the Bible (or Koran, or any other religious manuscripts) and quotes that would either a.)  make you smirk, b.) make you life with the cheesy lines, or c.) strike you hard with a sudden realization. The last point is probably comparable to jumping of a high diving board and having your chest do a hard collision with the surface of the water.

“The greatest battles are fought in the mind.”

— Casey Treat

I take advantage of reading through the good quotes posted on Facebook‘s news feed. Good thing someone else bothers to actively search of ones in the hopes that someone will get struck – just like me. Admittedly, I have been thinking too much lately (please put heavy stress on the “too much” part). So, this is the reason I am having too much problems: it’s because I overthink! If the greatest battles are fought in the mind and I believe that I am, well, at an all time low, then it is me who creates it probably, or at least magnifies small ones.

When my Mom said be thankful of the wide forehead that I inherited from my Dad because apparently I have more rooms for a bigger brain (duh), I don’t think she meant that I should making it hard for myself. Life in itself is a vortex of problems, least we should do is add some more. (Honestly, I think sometimes this is just to console myself regarding my forehead haha).

This morning, during my usual 10-minute walk from the MRT to the office, the song that got stuck in my head is Bonnie Tyler’s I Need a Hero:

I need a hero, I’m holding out for at hero ’till the end of the night

He’s gotta be strong and he’s gotta be fast

And he’s gotta be fresh from the fight

It would have been wonderful if there was a person who could act like a magical bullet for all our problems, sort of what Cinderella had with her fairy godmother. Though I got to admit, she didn’t instantly solved the damsel-in-distress’ problems, but rather provided her with the means with which to aid her for that limelight with the prince.

Fairy tales, in the least, come true not only in a kid’s dream, but in some adults’ as well. In reality, however, what we can take out from it are the lessons in all virtues you can possibly name of since it would actually be impossible to get a glittering wand that can turn a pumpkin into a handsome horse carriage.

Anyway, going back to the song. I do have my heroes in life: my Dad, my Mom, my wonderful siblings, and of course, Butz. One more person I should be including in this enumeration is, surprisingly, myself. Whoever this Casey Treat is, I’ve learned that if we are the greatest enemies of ourselves, we could also be our greatest heroes as well.

T’will be damn hard to believe in others, if we don’t self practice. 😉


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