Happy birthday to the most wonderful woman of all time: Mama Bear!


At about the same date some 24 years ago, you were still healing your, er, wounds, from delivering me. 24 hours of panting and pain is no simple feat, especially with a big headed me (literally).

To Mrs. Elizabeth Enriquez Muyot, so many things to thank you for:

  • all the times you haven’t given up on us,
  • locking us up on the toilet without any lights back when we were kids so that we will be forced to reconcile and hug each other after a fight,
  • well, shielding us always both physically and in terms of support should there be any harm,
  • teaching us how to survive in tough times and be humble during good times,
  • remembering the little things we wish for, though subconsciously, and having us surprised with the thoughtfulness the next day,
  • constantly putting us first in your priority before yourself, to the point that you deprive yourself too much,
  • shedding tears when I left yet never held me back from my own discovery 😦 ,
  • being the positive force and our inspiration whenever depression tries to dissuade me from being strong, (jeez I’m already crying).
  • being “on of the youngsters” and always understanding enough to accept that her five kids are retards,
  • singing “Heart of Jesus” with us beside you in the bed to lull us into sleep,
  • teaching us how to pray the rosary and that Jesus is only a heartbeat away,
  • teaching me that every time I extend my hand and help pass the payment of a fellow commuter inside the jeepney/fx, I earn one goodie point in heaven,
  • teaching me how to look after my siblings, though I have seem to instilled it too much: be it against another kid bully (I don’t really care what age mwahahaha) or the corrupt school teacher (no need now, though, as they know their rights already)
  • for tolerating the tantrums of a sleepless and cranky me during my callcenter days,
  • for being strong for us, although I know that you are also crumbling inside,
  • for thinking ten steps ahead of us in anticipating our needs,
  • for being the top most person who will love us unconditionally, no matter how bad we seem to think we are,
  • for being everything we need and more.

There are so many things to thank you for, but before I break down, I hope it’s okay to stop for a while. I know that if you will be reading this, you’d be crying as well. Enough drama. I just want to thank you Mama. I love you so much. Your gift will come soon, I promise. 🙂 I’ve asked my own angel to look after you as well 🙂


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