Scoring Goals for the Long Term


Nervous. Excited. Worried. Happy. Pressured. Confident. Scared. Exhilarated.

I can go on listing all emotions possible and yet these wouldn’t be enough to describe what I am about to do: make long term goals. Currently palpitating, I imagine the words listed above madly rotating in a seeming blender inside my stomach, bringing my insides in confusion and anticipation. Okay, enough postponing the inevitable by writing nonsense introductions. I guess I will have to try to do one goal at a time, each with its own time frame.

Note: This blog should and will be edited from time to time. Either for adding up new goals, or to reflect upon accomplishing them. šŸ˜€


GOAL #1: Blue hair and a visit to my 2nd most dreaded four-cornered room – the dentist. Check for the latter! 06.07.10. Blue hair to come!

GOAL #2: Learn, learn, learn!

GOAL #3: Back to writing!

Let’s get it on!

GOAL #1: Blue hair and a visit to my 2nd most dreaded four-cornered room – the dentist.

Deadline: 04th July, 2010 (weekend after the salary haha!)

I have been wanting to ice up my hair in the cool shade of blue. Not totally, mind you. Dress to express, not to impress, as the saying goes.

Hedonism is a school of ethics which argues that pleasure is the only intrinsic good.

-definition from Wikipedia

In some aspects of life, we should also consider about being pleased with ourselves in order to manifest that positivism and goodness, if I may say so. Example, how are you to console your daughter or sister about her looks, if deep inside, you are not comfortable with your own skin?

Hedonism is good to such an extent that you do not use this as an excuse to justify maligning other people’s positivism or goodness. Just like that quote “your right ends when another’s begin.” These two statements are admittedly, debate-worthy. So, I will just leave it to the rational species of the earth to use and understand it with all the might of their brain cells. Okay, I’ve drifted off the topic and have quoted a lot for the simple purpose of coloring my hair. So now, it’s
the dreaded dentist talk.

Hospital and dental fees are way to expensive here in Singapore as compared to the Philippines, which (strongly stressed) do not necessarily Ā mean that the former outweighs the latter in terms of service (definitely not), safety, and quality. Everything in Singapore is expensive, even a single token’s worth at Timezone is expensive. Promising myself to take care of my biters, I’ll schedule a visit in the next two weeks.

GOAL #2: Learn, learn, learn!

Deadline: Until November 2010

If you find yourself bored and thinking that you have experienced everything possible in life, then sister, it’s time to bang your head on the wall for a good reality check. Never be satisfied with what you currently know. Life is, aside from love, all about learning. I admit that I am not an active student and I do not believe much that schools can equip you for everything. What I do know is that these institutions provide you groundwork and the rest – application, additional learning, facing life! – is up to you.

So, since I enjoy photography, I am currently scouting for good Photoshop/Dreamweaver/any other software applications that will not only enhance my interest for the arts, but might also come in handy for my future job. šŸ™‚ (Please let this come soon!)

GOAL #3: Back to writing!

Deadline: ASAP!

Perhaps nothing is more gratifying than letting your nose bleed and cracking your head hard – career-wise at least. Pressure and stress are definitely the office hazards, but just think of the rewards after accomplishing such tasks makes you feel – to borrow the lines of Leonardo DiCaprio from the movieĀ TitanicĀ – like the “king of the world.”

Since I should be starting to accept the fact that the term “youth” might soon be irrelevant to me and that each second that ticks by is unique, I have to “dust myself off and try again” (song by Aaliyah from the movie, Romeo Must Die) and look forward to having a long term career as one of my long term goals.

Hard but uber gratifying, it always should be a pleasure to take a task head on which is one step above what you think you can do. Be confident and not conceited. This is the rollercoaster ride I am looking forward to. I am praying with all my might for the accomplishment of this. I’ll give myself 3 months to make this change, else I will probably go ballistic.


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