Goal number 14: Achieved!


Goal number 14. Buy for me a perfume. I would gladly trade up my goals 2 to 5 for a bottle of Chanel No. 5. Woe is me.

Who needs Chanel No. 5 when you can have a Salvatore Ferragamo as your number 1? Okay that sounds lame, but I’m happy with my little bottle of cuteness and fragrance.

Cuteness? I admit that the bottle design sort of cut short the buying process and the scent was the sealing factor. I guess it must be the other way round. Anyway.

In 2009, Salvatore Ferragamo released Incanto Bliss, a girly perfume that smells of fruits and flowers for women (probably both physically and psychologically). Earlier versions were the Dreams, Charms, Shine and Heaven all under the Incanto series. Now that I am reading about it, it is said to be made from the fusion of yuzu, kumquat, apple, freesia, water lily, rose, musk, and woods.

Frankly, I don’t care about the brand of the perfume. So long as they are not too powerful enough to repel mosquitoes or smell of an ancient grandma, I am happy with it. What I love about this scent, aside from the cutesy bottle, is that it is subtle but charming.

Okay, one less goal down. But again, these are all short term goals that when I reflect about it, lack the following keywords: direction, purpose, life-changing achievement (except for that one goal I am still currently praying for).

Next stop: Long term Goals. Scary, but definitely exciting! 😉

Tree of the Blog:

Tree from East Coast Park, Singapore


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