7 out of 14


Hey, I tried okay? Well, since most are material, I have expected this anyway. Passing marks in the least.

Goal number 1. Paint my nails – including cleaning them up first.

Yes, I actually did. Twas just the same color as before and need redo this as they have started to chip again.

Goal number 2. Buy ballet shoes.

Nope. Good thing I can always wear slippers in the office.

Goal number 3. Buy a cute dress plus bag.

Yep! Haven’t been able to wear it yet, though. As for the bag, I received one as a gift.

Goal number 4. Get blue hair color highlights.

Nope. No treatment to be done with my hair yet. Blue hair ain’t happening soon.

Goal number 5. Buy new bed sheets.

Okay. Sometimes you must sacrifice. I’ll just wait for the next Hush Puppies sale.

Goal number 6. Get a balikbayan box, fill it up with nice, inexpensive, expensive, edible, and usable things to send home.

A big yes! Among all those listed here, this is the one I’m proudest. Just need to buy a few more chocolates and perfumes and the pick up man is just an SMS away.

Goal number 7. Fulfill goal number 6.

Yes! Yes! Yes! 🙂

Goal number 8. Get another job and get the pass approved.

Nope. I am still keeping my optimism though. Never say die! 😉

Goal number 9. Stuff this more with meaningful goals.

I have to say yes to this one. 😛

Goal number 10. Decide if I am going to spend this dreaded deadline in Malaysia or not.

Yep! I did more than just decide, I spent a 2-day leave there! Loved the outdoor theme park of Genting Highlands. Too bad there wasn’t enough time for the indoor, but fun, fun, fun nonetheless!

Goal number 11. Try to fix the layout of this blog.

I did. A bit. So it’s a yes. Just have to learn how to put pictures though.

Goal number 12. Get my eyebrows decently shaped this time.

Ahm. No. Next!

Goal number 13. Have my PSP version 6.2 modified.

Nope. Hope Dark Alex does something about this.

Goal number 14. Buy for me a perfume.

Nope. Probably next time. 😉

Though my target date has already passed, it doesn’t mean I’ll stop. Should even think of bigger ones. My goal today is to get well. Damn viral flu. At least I am doing marginally better.


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