Maiden’s Initiation


(Created October 16, 2008 [that long ago?!])

Drum roll please. This is my first blog entry. For some reason, I feel as if I am expected to say – or in this case, write – something smart or monumental, which brings me to launch the advent of a series of warning about my writing. Say goodbye to quotable quotes or life’s lessons that you can bring to your grave. I don’t have them. Mwahaha *Bella Flores laugh*

Truth is, I have never been a fan of blogs. It is a term as familiar to me as quantum physics and the only difference I can tell between the two is the spelling. Yes, I am a writer, but examining my thoughts and seeing them vainly attempted to be captured with words is a tad uncomfortable and ambitious. Plus, I am lazy. Need I say more?

If it weren’t for my leaving home (I am in Singapore for a couple of months now by the way), I wouldn’t have felt the need to scream. Of course, I would not risk deportation just because of, er, screaming banshee charges – though, mind you, my hair right now would closely resemble one. Just imagine the headlines in the 6 pm (unless it is late) news: “Another Filipina in Singapore follows the footsteps of Flor Contemplacion.” Jeez.

Though I am not a domestic helper (see details on who the heck I am in my next entry), the bad part about this is that I won’t be able to watch myself on tv for the first time as I don’t have a Filipino channel. The worse part is my mum watches me for the first time and may either be brought to the hospital or will have me disowned. The worst part (am I doing the order correctly – bad, worse, worst?) is that I haven’t had the chance to have my hair rebonded and colored red yet. When I do, step aside Pokwang haha.

I am mostly locked up in my room after work, cradling my laptop being the only source of my sanity. As for friends, I sadly left them all at home. Don’t have any here yet, as I realize that a Filipino companionship is immensely different than interaction with foreigners. I’d probably give another entry for this, once the popular excuse called “writer’s block” escapes me for a couple of minutes. Nice, I am building a site, am I not? Anyways, I am gradually trying to conquer my discomfort, and see if my online diary helps the release of my emotional constipation – so this is my written scream.

For now, I have found a storage space in the cyber world as a keeper of my thoughts and ramblings. I don’t expect any earnings or popularity from this and am not even sure if someone will read this unless I threaten or harass them; but if you want to build a fans club, just message me. Joke.


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