Achieving Goal number 9.


I know this is going to be unfair or that this is not momentous at all, but it’s all because of that nail polish.

Since I was not able to rush into a nail polish store, which could have made me achieve my first goal, I decided to take on the easiest and lamest goal, which when you come to think of it, gives more work to be done as an aftermath.

As quoted:
Goal number 9. Stuff this with more meaningful goals.

I’ll do this, but just do not ask me to justify whether they are meaningful or not.

Goal number 12. Get my eyebrows decently shaped this time. If there’s a lesson I have learned from doing so, it is this: don’t trust freebies too much. Free vouchers may mean a world to you, but it sure as hell don’t mean anything to the person who’s doing services for you. The last time I received one, they inflicted unspeakable pain and made me look, well, a gay if I may say so. I left their so-called beauty shop teary eyed and full of curses.

Goal number 13. Have my PSP version 6.2 modified. It costs a little over a hundred dollars, and well, I should be listing this under “Dreams.”

Oh, by the way.

Goal number 14. Buy for me a perfume. I would gladly trade up my goals 2 to 5 for a bottle of Chanel No. 5. Woe is me.

I’ll work towards Goal number 11 today, and with all the prayers I can muster, I hope the devil doesn’t come. Namely, my boss.


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